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Pelican Briefs
Unassisted Triple Play
On August 8, 1916 Henry "Cotton" Knaupp turned the only unassisted triple play in the history of the Southern Association.
Belve Bean
Pitcher Belve Bean was a one-man wrecking crew on May 29, 1929, holding the Memphis Chicks to 2 runs from the mound while going 5-for-5 at the plate.
Season’s Second Opening Day
In 1905 New Orleans was quarantined because of an outbreak of yellow fever, forcing the Pelicans to play the remainder of their games on the road. August 7, 1905 marked their Opening Day in Meridian, Mississippi against the Little Rock Travelers.
Larry Gilbert’s Debut
New Orleans native Larry Gilbert made his debut with the New Orleans Pelicans on May 7, 1917 in a game against the Little Rock Travelers.
17-Inning Tie Game
On May 17, 1925 the New Orleans Pelicans and the Little Rock Travelers battled for 17-innings tied 2 – 2 when the game was finally called on account of darkness.
The Forgotten Pelicans
New Orleans was without professional baseball from 1959 until 1977 when the New Orleans Pelicans were revived for a single season. Sixteen roster players would go on to have a career in the majors.
Al Milnar's Win Streak
New Orleans Pelicans' pitcher Al Milnar sets a Southern Association record of 17 consecutive victories between June 7 and August 21, 1935.
Larry Gilbert's Managerial Record
The most successful manager in the history of the Southern Association from 1923 through 1948.
Babe Brown's No-Hitter
A brief account and box score of the first no-hitter in the history of the New Orleans Pelicans on July 9, 1904.
Mark "Moxie" Manuel
New Orleans Pelicans' pitcher Moxie Manuel throws both ends of a double header on June 15, 1907 against Birmingham!
Turtles Slaughter Breitenstein
Box score and account of a game on July 9, 1909 between the Memphis Turtles and the New Orleans Pelicans.
Mobile Ruins Paige's Debut
The debut of George "Piggy" Paige on July 17, 1909 was interupted by more than just the hitting of the Mobile Seagulls.
Ted Breitenstein's No-Hitter
The "Grand Old Man" hurls the third no-hitter in Pelican history against Montgomery on August 15, 1909.
First Night Game In Pelican Stadium
Box score and account of the very first game played on May 15, 1936 under the lights at Pelican Stadium against the Memphis Chicks.
Last Game In Pelican Stadium
Box score and account of the very last game to be played in Pelican Stadium in 1957 before it was torn down.
The Pelicans' Last Game
An account of the Labor Day double-header on September 7, 1959 that was to be the last New Orleans Pelicans game in the Southern Association. The Pels would return in 1977 for a single season, but they were in the American Association.
Last Pelican No-Hitter
An account and box score of the last no-hitter in the history of the New Orleans Pelicans thrown by Don Kildoo on June 26, 1959.
Jules Pujol
A member of the inaugural 1887 New Orleans Pelicans who earned a hero’s distinction in his career after baseball.
Ironman Joe Dobson
Pelican pitcher Joe Dobson hurled two complete games in a doubleheader against the Memphis Chicks on August 13, 1938.
1937: Sale of the Pelicans
With the death of Charles Somers in 1934, his estate began talks to sell the team to a syndicate of Local businessmen. The deal was finally concluded in 1937.
Fans Riot - NEW
A brief retelling of a very contentious game between the Pelicans and the Birmingham Barons on August 28, 1927 when all hell broke loose in the bottom of the seventh inning.
Largest Opening Day Crowd - NEW
Every nook and cranny in old Pelican Stadium was used on April 19, 1938 to accommodate the 26,261 who were crammed into a ballpark designed to hold 10,000 fans comfortably.
New Orleans and Nashville - NEW
The most lop-sided victory in New Orleans Pelicans history occurred on May 6, 1945 against the Nashville Vols, setting numerous Southern Association records.